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It's not clean until it's Dubo Clean

Choose any of our service options below, in any combination you wish. Let us take care of your vehicle for you. We’ll baby it and treat it with love, because we actually love our work. 

The rates listed here are usually very accurate, however some vehicles may require more time and effort to fully clean. In those cases, we will let you know what to expect and let you decide how to proceed.


Shampoo Carpets and Mats

Cars starting at $80 
SUVs and Vans staring at $100

Seat Shampoo

Cars starting at $80 
SUVs, Vans starting at $100

Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned

Cars starting at $80 
SUVs,Vans staring at $100

Salt Stain Removal

Cars starting at $80 
SUVs, Vans staring at $100

Trunk Shampoo

Cars starting at $60 
SUVs, Vans staring at $90

Pet Hair Removal

Starting at $60

Full Interior Detail
  1. Vacuum all loose debris.
  2. Sanitize every hard surface using chemicals and steam (leather, vinyl)
  3. Shampoo all carpets and cloth seats
  4. Condition hard surfaces (leather, vinyl)
  5. Clean glass

Pet Hair and Odour Removal Extra
Cars $150
Vans, SUVs $200

Odour Removal (Ozone Generator)

Odour Removal only works with a full interior detail. $60


Scratch Removal

Starting at $60

Headlight Restoration
Cars, SUVs and Vans $100
Windshield Treatment

Cars, SUVs and Vans $60

Basic Exterior Detail

Foam Soap 
Gentle Agitation 
Cars & Vans $60

Silver Exterior Detail

Wash Wheels & Tires 
Foam Soap 
Gentle Agitation 
Hand Dry 
Dress Tires and Plastic 
Cars & Vans $100

Gold Exterior

Silver Package Plus 
Paint Decontamination Using 
Fallout Remover And Clay Bar 
Seal, Wax, or Ceramic Spray 
Cars $200 
Vans $260

Paint Correction

Gold Package Plus 
Single Stage Paint Correction 
Cars $300 
Vans $360+ 
Two Stage Paint Correction $60/Hour

Travel Fee

Travel Fee is calculated based on the time it takes to travel to the destination, but not back. 
Travel Fee = minutes to destination x $1.20

Not What You're Looking For?

Looking for something more complete? We have a package for that:

Book Your Detailing

Spring is here and my calendar is filling up fast! Most days I cannot accommodate same-day bookings, so let’s schedule your cleaning in advance.

–LJ, founder, Dubo CSi